About Us

Our focus is to enable and inspire everyone to lead a healthy, normal life. We are dedicated to providing trusted and real-world evidence to our visitors. Our goal is to make beauty, health, and fitness attainable, approachable, and accessible to everyone. One and Only Health Tips offers the latest updates, tips, and resources in beauty, fitness, food, health & pregnancy that matter to every woman in this modern world. Our vision and mission is to,

  • Help people approach weight loss and motivate them to stay fit.
  • Guide new parents in the transition to parenthood.
  • Make every woman feel beautiful.
  • Maintain health and nutrition by consuming the right choice of food.

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Brindha Hochumin

I am a Software Techie and a Mother. I love to read everything I can lay my hands on, which improved my imagination. I am passionate about writing since my teenage. Being a mother, I focused on my baby’s health, safety, and post-pregnancy changes in my body. I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences on fitness, beauty, and health with all the other mothers out there, helping them attain a better lifestyle.

Nandhinipriya Ganeshan

I love to portray my imagination into a creative sketch. I also involve myself in various craftworks during my leisure. I wanted to pen my knowledge of beauty and diet related stuff, which motivated me to write articles for health blogs. I got certified in typewriting, and this skill supported me in achieving this milestone in my career.

Priyanka Hochumin

I love gardening & pencil sketching, which gives me peace of mind. My hobbies are surfing and reading, which helped me to acquire knowledge on beauty, fitness, fashion, etc. It tweaked my interest to evolve as a writer. I am working as a content writer intern. My goal is to help the audience to get what they are searching for in search engines.

Thamaraiselvi Rathinavel

I enjoy reading, and I am eager to learn something new, which helps to sharpen my self-knowledge. I always push myself to stay updated with health and fitness info to lead a better life. I want to pursue my passion for reading and writing through this wonderful platform. It paves me a better way to improve myself by developing my skills.