Mosquito Bite Treatment For Babies

Home Remedies for Mosquito Bite

Lemon | Salt | Garlic | Aloe Vera | Baking Soda | Honey | Ice | Basil

Mosquito bites in children cause itching, swelling, and red spots on the bite area. You can check out the causes and symptoms of mosquito bites here. You can follow the below tips to ease itching, moisturize the bitten area, and prevent scratching of the affected area. These are the mosquito bite treatment for the children.

When you catch a mosquito biting your baby, brush it off his skin with a gentle sweep of your hand and apply baby moisturizer on the affected area to prevent swelling and itching.

There are creams, especially for babies, to treat mosquito bites, and they are safe to use. Apply the cream on the bitten area, and their cooling effect soothes the irritated skin. These lotions help to make the babies less prone to itching. Wash the skin with baby soap, dry with a towel, and apply the lotion.

Babies scratch the swollen areas, and the sharp fingernails break the skin and let bacteria in. Stop your baby from scratching as it makes the bite worse. So trim the nails as short as possible. Also, you can cover the baby’s hands with mittens to prevent them from scratching the bitten area. But never use mittens when the bite is on the hands or palms.

Home Remedies for Mosquito Bites

You can treat the mosquito bites with the ingredients available in your kitchen. Below are the effective home remedies that provide relief for the babies without any side effects.

1. Lemon

Cut a lemon and gently rub on the affected area. Also, you can apply lemon juice on the skin. Lemon acts as a natural cure for mosquito bites due to the anesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties. It aids in reducing pain and swelling.

2. Salt

Salt is an effective home remedy for mosquito bites. It has anti-inflammatory property which helps to soothe the swelling and pain. Cleanse the affected area with sea salt and water for quick relief. It is a quick solution for insect bites which is available in your kitchen anytime.

3. Garlic

Garlic’s odour keeps mosquitoes away from your baby. Crush a garlic glove and gently rub over the bitten area. After a few minutes, clean it with a wet cloth. It treats mosquito bites by reducing the swelling and itchiness. Garlic is an ancient remedy that acts as a soothing balm.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a natural antiseptic with many healing properties. Also, it is an excellent reliever for mosquito bites, which reduces pain, swelling, and itchiness. Slice a small part of the plant and apply it directly over the bitten area. It soothes the pain and itchiness in the affected area.

5. Baking Soda

Baking soda neutralizes the skin pH levels and helps to relieve itchiness. Blend a teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water. Soak a soft towel in it and gently wipe the bitten areas for 10 minutes. This process reduces the itching instantly. In case your baby’s skin starts itching, don’t apply further.

6. Honey

The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of honey make it very effective in treating different skin conditions. It helps to soothe mosquito bites and controls inflammation. Apply a little quantity of honey on the affected area for an instant natural treatment. After a while, wash it with cold water. It is best to use raw honey. The anti-bacterial properties of honey prevent the bite from getting infected.

7. Ice

Ice will numb your skin and provides relief from pain and irritation. Crush an ice cube and apply it on the affected area to reduce swelling. Use either a cool pack or put crushed ice in a small piece of cloth and keep it over the bitten area. Never place ice on the skin directly for more than 5 minutes as it causes skin cell damage.

8. Basil

A compound called eugenol in basil leaves cools down irritation and provides relief from irritation. Take some basil leaves, put them in a cup of water, boil them, and let it cool for some time. Soak a piece of cotton in the water and gently rub the affected area. It will cool down the itchiness.

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