Mosquito Bite in Babies – Causes and its Symptoms

Mosquito Bite in Babies

Causes of Mosquito Bites | Mosquito Bite Symptoms | Medical Attention

Babies do not know how to deal with the blood-sucking mosquitoes, which makes them easy targets, and that is why these insects go behind them. They won’t notice if a mosquito bites their hand or leg, but it will be itchy and painful later. Mosquito bite prompts to itchy bumps, and they are not serious. These bites eventually get better on its own within a few days. Occasionally redness, swelling, and soreness occur after the mosquito bite. However, bites from mosquitoes carrying viruses & parasites cause infections and allergic reactions. To protect your baby from these illnesses, you should know how to spot a mosquito bite and ways to prevent the baby from being bitten.

Causes of Mosquito Bites

Female mosquitoes feed on your blood, while males lack this blood-sucking ability. While biting mosquito injects saliva into your skin and the proteins in the saliva trigger a reaction that results in itching and bump. Mosquitoes choose their targets by assessing scent and chemicals present in a person’s sweat. Follow the below measures to keep your baby safe from mosquito bites.

1. Dampness

Keep your surroundings clean and dry as dampness, leaking roofs, and wet clothes invite mosquitoes.

2. Dirty Environment

If you find stagnant water, open or overflowing drainage, garbage cans in your locality, it attracts mosquitoes, and your baby is at risk of mosquito bites.

3. Sweat

Sweat odour attracts mosquitoes. So make sure your baby doesn’t sweat often. Use a soft towel to wipe it off if you find your baby sweaty.

4. Uncovered Food

The smell of food items attracts mosquitoes. Hence maintain proper hygiene to keep your baby safe.

5. Cover With Mosquito Nets

Cover your baby’s crib with a mosquito net, which prevents the mosquitoes from entering the crib and protects the baby from mosquito bites.

6. Keep Your Doors Closed

Close your windows and doors once it turns dark, which helps to protect your baby from mosquitoes.

7. Bare Skin

Don’t dress up your baby in short pants and sleeveless t-shirts as exposed skin makes your baby easy target for mosquitoes.

8. Choose Your Time Wisely

Avoid going outside before dawn and after dusk as mosquitoes are most active during this time.

9. Cover With Window Screens

Protect your home from mosquitoes by covering windows with nets and screens, which forbids them from entering.

10. Perfumed Lotion or Cream

Don’t stock baby lotions, oils, and creams in your baby’s room as that may be one of the causes of mosquito bites.

Mosquito Bite Symptoms in Baby

If you identify these symptoms on your baby, then its a mosquito bite.

  • Small red bumps.
  • Swollen reddish patches.
  • Dark spots.
  • The baby scratches or cries for no reason.
  • The baby has discomfort while rubbing a swollen bulge.
  • When babies are allergic to mosquito bites, a large lesion stays on the skin for several days.

When Does The Baby Need a Doctor?

Your baby needs immediate medical attention if you find these symptoms.

  • Fever, nausea, and vomiting.
  • Swollen lips.
  • Severe reddening of the skin around the mosquito bite.
  • Pus flows from the bitten area.
  • Swelling on the eye if the bite was around the eye.
  • Bleeding from the mosquito bump.
  • Pain on the bitten area.
  • Swelling around the neck.
  • The baby breathes heavily.
  • Severe swelling for more than a day at the bitten area.
  • Lesions and red patches on the baby’s skin.

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