36 Nutritious Foods to Boost Women’s Health

Nutritive Food

Being a woman and maintaining a healthy body is not easy. Be it any skin problem or chronic disease; it is difficult for the female body to recover and remain healthy as you age. To all the ladies out there, it is high time you should review your menu considering their benefits and nutritional value to keep up a strong immune system.

It is true as the saying, ‘You are what you eat’. Your daily routine food has got the solutions to overcome all your health concerns. A lady has many responsibilities, so make sure you add these resources to build a smarter and healthier lifestyle for yourself.

Here are a few Nutritive Foods for Women’s Health:


It protects you against cold, and fights against bacteria, infections. Also, the bright part of garlic is it can make you look younger. It stimulates milk secretion in breastfeeding mothers.


Tomato protects against illnesses like heart problems and breast cancer. Antioxidants and Vitamins in tomato make your skin glow.


Lychee possesses heart-healthy polyphenols and vital compounds. It may help to treat degenerative cancerous diseases. Its pulpy taste is an additional advantage.


Polyphenols in pomegranate uphold good blood flow and hemoglobin count, which is vital for the female body. It also prevents infections.


Potassium in Banana can maintain BP level and aid good nerve functioning. Banana is also great for skin and hair.


Walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds are rich in omega-3, arginine, polyphenols. These nutrients help to maintain immunity and keep your heart healthy. However, consume only 1/3 ounce per day as it has a higher calorie count.


Polyphenols and flavonoids in onion work together to lower stress and risk of developing cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.


Beans are the best source of fiber. It is loaded with calcium, magnesium, potassium, and protein due to which beans are one of the superfoods.


This smooth butter fruit is good to avoid heart problems and macular eye deterioration. Avocado is best for weight loss too.


Life-threatening diseases can’t hit you if broccoli is there on your diet list. All you have to do is to steam it up, and it is ready to eat.


Apple, the healthiest fruit, is a must for your daily diet. Eat an apple a day and see the difference for yourself.


Make guava smoothie to have a good intestine process. And lower your heart disease risk or any gastric issues.


Besides Vitamin C, anti-cancerous potentials, weight loss, and digestion booster, lemon can also make your skin look flawless and radiant.


Packed with Vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids, fish avoids heart diseases and turns skin beautiful. Burning calories is an added advantage of fish.


Pumpkin is known to retain an ageless look on you. Beta carotene in pumpkin regulates the health of your skin and is vital for immunity and vision.


Loaded with Folate, Potassium, Vitamin C, B1, and Vitamin A, orange aids in protecting vision and maintains immunity.


Mushroom lowers cholesterol and doesn’t let tumors or cancerous cells to grow in your body.


Antioxidants in blueberries can prevent urinary tract infections, eyestrains, and memory loss. Try to include it in a daily diet.


Add figs to your breakfast, likely in your oatmeal. Calcium and potassium in it keep you away from aging illness.


Generally, egg yolks are avoided due to the high-calorie count. But it is also a storehouse of hundreds of vital nutrients that are not easily available in other food items. Just have an egg a day.


Iron and Vitamin B in spinach build muscles, prevent blindness, and stop cholesterol, which, as a result, avoids heart attacks.

22Bell Pepper

Antioxidants and Vitamin C contents found in bell peppers protect you against arthritis or any kind of joint/knee pain.

23Sweet Potato

Beta-carotene present in sweet potato keeps your respiratory, urinary, and intestinal tract lining healthy in addition to your vision and skin.  

24Green Tea

Almost all of us know how green tea aids in weight loss, defends against terminal diseases, and mends liver and brain health.


2-3 cups of coffee a day can increase your longevity and, at the same time, decrease chances of skin cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes.


Plain popcorn keeps you full for a longer time and has almost no calories. Its anti-inflammatory antioxidants save you from heart attacks, stress, or depression.


Consuming 10g of Flaxseeds every day keeps your heart healthy. They are a potent source of Omega-3, which prevents your heart problems by eliminating blood clots.

28Peanut Butter

Tasty as well as yummy, it strengthens your bones. Its minerals maintain your immunity high, keeping away from an illness like diabetics.


Reduces the chances of breast cancer for women, preserves a steady sugar level of blood and shields against hypertension and depression.


Rich in antioxidants, wine recesses high cholesterol levels to aid healthy blood vessels. It also blocks outgrowth and development of fatty cell layers and sugar level of blood.

31Brown Rice

Selenium in brown rice keeps your metabolism high. A cup of brown rice will give you manganese and niacin, for your brain and heart well-being.

32Greek Yogurt

It is full of calcium, immune-strengthening bacteria, and double protein. Make Greek Yogurt a must in your daily diet.


Oatmeal is rich in protein, and people who are dieting consume it for breakfast as it keeps the stomach full. It has a miraculous quality to fight heart diseases and type-2 diabetes defender.


Have grilled chicken or the roasted one. It controls the cholesterol level and keeps bones and arteries stronger.

35Olive Oil

Cook with virgin olive oil next time you saute any veggie. It helps to shed off the unwanted pounds and keep away heart trouble.

36Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolates are healthy because they possess flavonoid antioxidants. It prevents the clogging of arteries as they stop platelets from blocking.

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