10 Homemade Face Packs to Get Flawless Skin

Face Packs for Glowing Skin

Mint | Lemon | Cucumber | Strawberry and Lemon | Curd and Gram Flour | Egg | Tomato Pulp | Banana | Sandalwood | Milk

Summer wears off our skin; thus, we need to take additional care of our skin, be it for suntan or dryness, or to pull off the oily look. These summer homemade face packs for glowing skin will make your skin look beautiful and fresh, shedding off summer signs. Wash off the packs after 15 minutes with lukewarm water and pat dry to see a significant difference.

Here are a few Homemade Face Packs for Summer:

1. Mint Face Pack

Vitamin A in Mint controls the oily secretion in your skin. Turmeric is an incredible spice that has miraculous health benefits. Mash some mint leaves and mix a pinch of turmeric powder in it; make a paste adding some lukewarm water. This pack is ideal for people suffering from acne.

2. Lemon Face Pack

Lemon is rich in vitamin C, which implies that it is incredible to target blemishes and lighten any scars or spots left behind by acne. Honey additionally lightens the skin, while moisturizing it works well for acne-prone skin. Include one tablespoon lemon juice and honey in one egg white and blend well. If you have oily skin, then this is the right one for you.

3. Cucumber Face Pack

Cucumber acts as a natural toner by diminishing the appearance of pores. It also cools and hydrates your skin. Sugar, on the other hand, makes an excellent exfoliator. Scouring it all over can assist you with taking off dead skin and any impurities. Include some sugar in mashed cucumber and refrigerate it for an hour. Let it cool down and then apply it to your face. This pack helps add a natural glow to your face.

4. Strawberry and Lemon Face Pack

Strawberry is loaded with vitamin C, which helps to fight off oily secretion on your skin. They lighten scars, blemishes and also helps to lighten complexion. Mash some strawberries and add them to a blend of yogurt, honey, and lemon juice. This pack is ideal for dull or oily skin.

5. Curd and Gram Flour Pack

Gram flour contains zinc, which is useful for restricting the spread of bacterial infection on your face caused by acne. It also fights the excess secretion of oily secretion and soothes any irritation on the skin. Curd moisturizes your skin, fights acne, reduces wrinkles, blemishes, and dark circles. Blend these two magical ingredients and apply them to your face. If you want to get rid of tan, you can use this pack to your body too.

6. Egg Mask

High in vitamin A egg whites can effectively dry out skin blemishes as well as tone and lighten up oily skin. Lemon juice has antiseptic properties that can lighten skin tone and restore pH balance. Add one egg white with one tablespoon of lemon juice and apply it to your face.

7. Tomato Pulp Face Pack

Tomato benefits for skin include skin lightening, pimple and blackhead reduction, anti-aging. Tomato pulp is antibacterial and antifungal. It removes dead cells and tightens pores. Honey supplies essential nutrients and antioxidants, which helps in the healing process. Mix tomato pulp with a drop of honey and apply it to your face. This pack helps brighten your skin.

8. Banana Face Mask

Bananas have a huge amount of vitamin C and E, making them very good for your skin. Mash a banana and add some sour cream to it. Mix these ingredients and add a spoonful of honey. Apply the pack to your face until it dries. If you have dry skin, using a banana face mask can help you bring some moisture back. 

9. Sandalwood Pack

Rosewater contains anti-inflammatory properties that help to soothe the burning and itching sensation on the skin. Sandalwood is beneficial for treating acne. Mix sandalwood powder & rose water and apply this to your face to soothe your skin. 

10. Milk Face Pack

Milk Powder is high in lactic acid, which lightens and smoothens skin. It acts as a great cleanser and always keeps your skin hydrated. Honey soothes your skin and also retains moisture. Blend some milk powder and honey and apply this mixture to your face.

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