How to Pamper Your Feet at Home?


Keep Your Feet Hydrated | Remove Nail Polish | Trim Toenails Regularly | Smoothen Your Feet | Wear Fitting Shoes | Massage

Most of us don’t care for our feet, as it is the most neglected part of our body. We must pay attention to feet since it bears our weight all day enclosed in cramped shoes and is open to dust. The skin on the feet is thicker compared to other body parts, and it remains dirty without care. Cracked heels are embarrassing, and it happens over time without proper care (1). We hide it using confined shoes, which leads to excessive pain and stops air circulation. It is necessary to keep your feet moisturized and exfoliate the dead cells regularly to prevent your feet from drying and cracks (2). Constant pressure on foot hardens your skin, which results in corns and calluses. Cracked heels are usually caused by dehydration, irregular diet, and wearing the wrong choice of footwear.

Here are a few tips to take care of your feet at home:

1. Keep Your Feet Hydrated

Always wash your feet and dry them with a towel. The skin on feet does not have oil glands, so moisturize them with coconut oil or any cream to maintain softness.

2. Remove Nail Polish

A cracked, discolored, or deteriorating nail indicates a nail fungus. Try not to conceal tainted nail by applying nail polish as it could make the problem worse. Removing nail polish allows you to take a better look at your toenails and inspect for any issues. Take a break from applying polish, as regular painting of toenails makes them discolored.

3. Trim Toenails Regularly

Toenails ought to be cut properly and avoid trimming very close to the skin. Steer clear of scissors and always use appropriate nail cutters. It is easier for you to cut your nails after the shower; they will be soft. Push your cuticles back and never cut them as it might prompt infections.

4. Smoothen Your Feet

Using a pumice stone or foot scrub on damp heels helps to exfoliate dead cells much easier. Soaking your feet in lukewarm water for 10 to 15 minutes softens the skin. Scrub the hardened skin with a pumice stone gently and expel the dead cells. Then wash your feet and dry them with a towel. Apply foot cream or moisturizer carrying shea butter or cocoa butter. Exfoliating dead cells prevents cracks forming in your feet.

5. Wear Fitting Shoes

It doesn’t matter if you sit most of the time or stand at work; always go for the perfect fit of shoes as tight shoes cause long term foot problems. Tight-fitting shoes will be small, and it causes pain in your feet while walking. Loose-fitting shoes are too big, you might trip while walking, which increases the risk of falling. Pick breathable material and walk a few steps to check if it is comfy before buying. Look for breathable footwear if you are prone to sweaty feet. Keep your foot clean and dry, as sweaty feet allow bacteria to reside. Refrain from wearing other person’s socks or shoes as they could prompt fungal infections. Avoid wearing high heels or pointed shoes for a longer duration.

6. Massage For Healthy Feet

Massage your feet regularly to keep them healthy and free from various foot problems. Spending 5 minutes a day to knead your feet using warm olive oil or coconut oil provides lots of benefits such as

  • Promoting good sleep.
  • Reducing discomfort in feet and relieves pain.
  • Improving blood circulation to legs.
  • Helping you to relax.
  • Relieving stress.

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